Boudewijn & Nala // Pet Portraits // Bremerton, WA

When Amanda first contacted me about scheduling a portrait session, she said that it is something she has always wanted to do but that she especially wanted to do it now for her partner, Boudewijn, and their dog, Nala.
They have plenty of photos of Nala through the years, but Amanda wanted some special images of man and dog together to celebrate this season of their lives together. Boudewijn has raised Nala from a 8 week old pup and they are absolutely a perfect fit for each other. They bring out the best in each other and remind me once again how the bonds of family can extend beyond species to our four-legged friends.

“How very special are we for just one moment to be part of life’s eternal rhyme. How very special are we to have on our family tree, Mother Earth and Father Time…” ~Mother Earth & Father Time, Charlotte’s Web