FAQ: What if I don’t want another person in the delivery room?

Here is a common question I hear, in one form or another, from people considering birth photography:
Q: ‘I feel like I will really want birth story photos after my baby is born, but I’m not sure I want more people in the delivery room while it’s actually happening–does that make sense?’

A: Oh yes, my friend, it really, really does. A lot of parents feel that way before a birth–especially dad’s. There is this understandable sense that they want labor and delivery to be ‘just the two of them’. It is a hugely intimate and emotional experience. It’s strange to think about sharing those moments with a stranger, and not just any stranger: a stranger holding a camera an photographing the whole thing! I get the way it sounds. But what I’ve found is that how is sounds is so so different from how it actually is.

The Experience
My experience is that my clients–especially dads–were always glad to have me there during their labor and delivery; someone to help them through labor, ask questions, and just have general ongoing support from. My style of support is intuitive and suited to each client. Some clients only need me to offer kind words of support and to be more of a fly on the wall, while others welcome occasional hands-on support and I put down my camera for a bit and help out with repositioning or counter pressure.
A lot of the times having an extra support person on your birth team becomes super helpful right after baby is born and dad/grandma/friends are so excited and enthralled with the new baby, I make sure to stay right by mama and ensure she’s still feeling supported and connected to her baby; holding her hand through stitches or scrolling through images of baby on my camera if baby needs more time in the warmer.
Special Equipment
And even though from my images it might seem like I’m super close to my clients when I’m photographing them, the truth is, my excellent equipment allows me to get beautiful, intimate images while standing nearly out of sight and out of earshot of the shutter. It’s pretty neat. So you still get to have that feeling of “just us” through it all. I’m only there as much as you need me there.
Birth Team Essential
And as for being a stranger, over the years I have tweaked and designed this experience so that by the time your baby comes, we will have met and spent some time together before your birth story begins. When the big day arrives, I won’t be just another person in the delivery room: I will be a friend and an essential part of your birth team that you’ll always be glad you invited to photograph one of the best day’s of your life.

So don’t be a stranger! Let’s connect soon about your birth story soon!