The Mother Bird ‘At Home’ Space

Even though I love to go to clients homes to photograph their newborn baby or their growing little Chickadee, there are many circumstances where that isn’t the best location for their child’s session. Which is why I’ve created this ‘At Home’ space for clients to bring their baby to, where we can create the same beautiful, emotional images that we would at their own home.

The space is warm and comfortable, with neutral colors and the best light a person could hope for! All of this is designed to be a customizable backdrop to a family’s session. The focal point of these sessions is always to capture the look, and even more the *feel* of this time with your little one. This space provides a cozy setting to make that possible for folks who want it.

When it comes to newborn sessions at home, I always like to reassure clients that the tidiness of their home is not an issue at all: all I need is one good window, and we can create some beautiful images! I’m happy to move items out of the shot, so that nothing distracts from baby. However, some parents still prefer to come to our ‘At Home’ space for their session. Maybe they have family in town, and want to sneak away for some snuggle time with baby. Or maybe their home is going through some major renovations. Or maybe they recently moved into the space, or are getting ready to move out of the space, and are more comfortable in a ‘box free’ location! Or sometimes, clients see the ‘At Home’ space, and that’s exactly what they want for their images!

Whatever the reasons might be, this space is always available to clients who want it! Let me know if you’d like to arrange a session for you and your family in this space!