Unhurried Time // Portraits Sessions

When you hire me to create portraits of you and your family/business, your session fee covers “unhurried time” with me, the photographer, during your shoot. While I used to put a time limit on a session, I have found it best to just leave it open and unhurried. Why? A couple reasons.

First of all, a time limit can create stress for the client. Having your portrait taken can feel vulnerable and sometimes clients feel nervous, worried “What if we run out of time before we get a good shot?” or “What if my children need a little more time to warm up to the process?” or “What if my newborn needs to eat?” Taking the time limit out of the equation eases those worries. It takes the time it takes.

Secondly, unhurried time means that if we have captured your portraits quickly, then there is no need to drag the shooting time out just to meet the expectations of the session. If we get all the images in 40min, then we are set!

In the end, it is always my goal to create a positive experience and memory when we are creating your portraits. For me that means unhurried time during your shoot, knowing the best images are produced when we are allowed to take the time it takes. Whether that’s 25min(Yes! I have had amazing maternity portraits that took less the 30min of shooting time!) or an hour(or 2+, yes, that has happened too during a newborn shoot!). We will be communication throughout the session, and will know and decide together when we’ve “got it”.

Honestly, we usually get everything in less than an hour, but when it comes to portraiture, its best just to keep an eye on the light and each other, and not the clock.