Welcome, Arlo Finnigan // Birth Video // Bremerton, WA

When Felicia and I met at our first consultation about her birth session, she was just 5 weeks pregnant–easily the earliest I’d ever met with a new birth client! She knew even before she found out she was pregnant that for her next birth, she wanted a professional photographer there. Her previous birth had been such a whirlwind, and she wished that she had photos to help her process and recover during her postpartum season. In fact, what she really wanted was birth video. I had yet to venture into the world of film and video, in part because births aren’t the kind of place where you “try” new things out. But Felicia was so trusting and excited to be my first ‘birth video’ birth that I agreed to give it a try; after all I had plenty of time to prepare. I am so grateful I had this organic opportunity to learn and try something new. Felicia had a beautiful, healing (late night!) birth of a darling little one who has been such a blessing to his family already. I am still in love with the birth images from this birth, and I’ve also fallen in love with this new feature: motion pictures.

Please enjoy the very first Mother Bird Birth Film: The Birth of Arlo Finnigan